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Rose Marie P., Ohio

“I wanted to take a moment to recognize American Research Bureau in the wake of the death of my Father. I can’t stress enough just how professional the entire firm has been. I have never worked with such dedication on a personal level. I want to personally extend my gratitude, appreciation, and love for everything you accomplished. Probate cases are difficult for the grieving family. I also felt the support and personal understanding as someone who was and is still in the grieving process. The experience working with you has been excellent and an absolute pleasure to have worked with.”

Katharine M., South Carolina

“When I received your phone call about my possible inheritance I was shocked since I didn’t have any contact with that side of my family. I now have a “new” family who have welcomed me with open arms! The inheritance was like winning the lottery and my husband and I have been able to retire and help some family members. This whole process has been amazing and I want to thank you for finding me and assisting me in this amazing situation. It has changed my life and given me a new family!”

Glenn C., Indiana

“Since moving away from California in 1966 I had lost track of nearly all of my relatives still living there. It was a real surprise to learn that I was one of the heirs to my cousins estate. It was an even greater surprise to learn that my share was to be nearly a quarter of a million dollars. I am nearly 84 years of age now and it is going to give me great pleasure to share this inheritance with my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I’m sure it will be a welcome surprise to them all.”

Bonnie K., Florida

“Before becoming involved with American Research Bureau several colleagues spoke of their credibility. This made entering into a relationship an easier choice. Each encounter with this organization was positive. They remained professional at all times and respected the sensitivity of the issues at hand. The most rewarding result of our encounter was the ability to explore and answer some family history that had been a mystery! Thank you to American Research Bureau for making this possible!”

Lillian H., Florida

“When I first received your call, I was about to hang up, thinking it was some sort of prank call or sales pitch. However, when you continued with much personal information about my family, I felt you had done extensive research, and decided to accept your reasonable terms to continue on my behalf. In due course, I received a substantial inheritance. Were it not for your effort, I would not have had the slightest indication that I was entitled to anything. I very much appreciate your efforts and am happy to recommend you highly.”

Mark S., Missouri

“As an individual who has been in business for more than thirty years, I would like to sincerely tell you that never have I had the service provided to me in a more competent and professional manner. From the very beginning you have handled every aspect of our family business with the highest degree of skill together with your kind and considerate personality. From assets that had to be discovered all over the United States, to a myriad of claimants to the estate all over the world, to serious time-sensitive tax consequences, appraisals, adversary relatives, court hearings, and the like, a lay-person could never have handled these matters without the most experienced of help – and you did all this and much more without our having to advance one penny for your services. The money received has been placed in trust accounts for our two daughters college education.”

Lesley B., California

“Thank you for all of the help ARB has provided our family. Many good things happened because you contacted us. Most importantly, all of you helped bring our family together. We never would have known many of our family members existed had it not been for you. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you very much.”

Gordon D., Scotland

“Isn’t it amazing how life (or death) deals you a favourable hand sometimes? I offer my thanks to ARB who have gone to so much trouble and undertaken so much hard work in order to trace the relatives of Robert Barr, someone I suspect none of us in the UK even knew existed. It has been a very interesting and educational journey following the procedures and although the inheritance (in monetary terms) didn’t amount to a great deal, I think the historic information that was revealed about our family and the subsequent family chart that materialised was of great interest and value. Please pass on my personal thanks to all those who were involved with the search, reaching a satisfactory conclusion.”

Patience S., Florida

“My sister and I were very pleased with ARB. We had searched for our half brother, Frankie, off and on over the years and reached no result. Thank you for bringing closure to our concerns as to his well being. We knew he went in the service and even though my sister came across his serial number about 30 years ago; it lead nowhere. My first cousin, who passed away in 2005, emphatically told her children when she was dying to tell [my sister] and me to find Frankie as she had said off and on over the years. They were good childhood friends. This means more than you will ever know. Thank ARB very much for both the closure and the financial blessing that confirmed he was not destitute.”

Pat G., Georgia

“I received your latest communication concerning the estate of my cousin, Shirley C., and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts on behalf of those of us who are Shirley’s cousins. While I realize that you do this sort of work each day, it must be an arduous task at times. Since I first heard from your company, I have taken the time to go back and reread letters written between my parents and Shirley. It has been a nice walk down memory lane. Your research has also spurred me on to renew my research into my family ancestry.

If there is anything else you need from me, please do not hesitate to let me know. I assume that the next step is distribution of the appropriate funds from Shirley’s estate. Whatever amount I am fortunate to receive will be put toward a special project. In the meantime, thank you again for your assistance.”

Florence D., Oregon

“… thank you very much for the family tree info as so much of my husband’s family was such a mystery because his father deserted them when John was about 6 years old. It would be nice to know more about the [D] family but this is very satisfying.

… We were skeptical because we had never heard of a Stanley [D.] when we were approached and invited to get involved.”

Claris M., South Carolina

“Thank you for that awesome chart. It’s great to see how everyone fits into this family. Y’all did a wonderful job. … I was skeptical at first but it turned out very well and I am extremely appreciative.”

D. Travis, California

I would be honored to give my testimony about my experience with your business. I was sceptical at first and the 9 other family members as well. But in the end your business gave my late father and uncles a voice and rights!! The attorney was amazing and we just settled. Its because of your team’s detailed research and impeccable timing that made it possible for an attorney to be in the courtroom to represent us and stop the disrespectful family member giving false statements to clean house.

T. B., Alberta

I would rate my experience with ARB as 5/5. Being employed at a Financial Institution, I was initially hesitant when I was contacted by a Director informing me that I may be entitled to an inheritance. The team at ARB was very understanding and patient, answering any questions that arose while I worked through my own due diligence. I was very impressed with all areas of service provided, specifically communication and correspondence. The documents and contract provided were both informative and easy to understand. When moved to the next phase of attorney representation, the hand off was warm and maintained the same level of excellence. Although I live in Canada, and with the challenges of Covid, the process was smooth from start to finish. ARB made the effort to provide timely updates and I personally felt like a valued client throughout. I appreciate all of the time and work ARB put towards their research of our family tree and I was delighted to receive a copy. It was very interesting to learn more about my lineage. I would not hesitate to recommend ARB and I am grateful for their expertise.

Ronda G., California

Thank you Britany … the chart is a great reference to distant relatives. This was truly a trusted experience from the first phone call by the representative trying to …connect the dots. I am glad that I was able to assist in the process. I gave 1/2 of my inheritance portion to struggling business owners, locally, that have experienced CoVid tier closures. Thank you cousin David for your kindness (from Heaven) for these families. Pay it forward has true Blessings and rewards. Best regards to you and yours

Diane D, Ohio

Usually I do not respond to surveys or subscribe to social media but I will give American Research Bureau a wonderful recommendation. Your Bureau was very respectful, informative and approachable on the way the estate was handled. I was completely surprised by the amount of information you had to compile to settle the estate. I was also surprised about the check I received. It was quite generous. I only expected to receive the family tree. Thank you!!