For Heirs and Beneficiaries

American Research Bureau works with heirs and beneficiaries to prove and establish their right to unclaimed estate assets. Through thorough and intense research, we find the needed documentation need to prove heirship to an unclaimed inheritance. Once you sign with ARB, we handle all the details and costs associated with the probate process including legal representation. We don’t get paid unless we succeed in claiming your legal inheritance for you.

ARB’s ultimate contribution to our clients can be as much about re-connecting to long-lost or never-known family, as it is about money. 

Our Comprehensive Service Includes:


Case Identification

Our extensive network of field reporters search tens of thousands of probate records across the country to identify estates with unclaimed assets and either missing or unknown next of kin.


Skillful Research

Our probate researchers have over 200 years’ combined experience identifying and locating potential heirs then verifying the heirs’ relationship to the decedent.



ARB’s documentation specialists work tirelessly searching all available records and repositories to collect necessary documentation and present proof of heirship to the court.


Cost Coverage

With ARB, there are no upfront costs associated with our services. With our contingency fee, we take all the risks and you don’t pay anything unless we succeed in claiming your inheritance for you.


Attorney Service

ARB will link you with an experienced probate attorney that works directly for you at no additional cost. Our legal partners are experts in all matters pertaining to probate law.


Expert Testimony

The ARB team provides expert genealogical testimony in court proceedings when necessary regarding the legitimacy of your legal right to inherit at no extra cost.

The probate process can be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. We make the entire process risk-free by underwriting the entire cost on a “success or no cost” basis. Once we have undertaken the research, we typically enter into a reasonable contingency fee arrangement with each individual beneficiary we locate. This means that in the event that no distribution occurs, there is no financial obligation to ARB.

It is on a foundation of best-in-class research capability, and a commitment to honesty, transparency, and professionalism, that we continually provide top-tier service for clients worldwide.

Our experience, starting with the research phase that goes into each case through to the decision making that takes place, gives us the expertise to provide the best possible service and recovery for our clients.

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