For Attorneys & Administrators

Are all heirs and beneficiaries properly accounted for? Since 1935, attorneys, trust officers, government agencies, public administrators and guardians, trustees, private conservators, and financial institutions have all relied on American Research Bureau (ARB) to help fulfill their duty of locating any legitimate missing or unknown heirs across the United States and abroad.  If you need assistance locating missing or unknown/known heirs, or tracking down a missing beneficiary that is named in a will, we can provide you with a fast, reliable and effective solution.

Our professional genealogists research and document to substantiate heirs at law and provide attorneys with the necessary records to complete the probate process. We provide documentary evidence including family charts and are qualified to testify as an expert genealogist based on the results of our findings.

Try us for free! We will provide you with a courtesy evaluation which may identify potential heirs at no cost or obligation.  If the heirs identified are not located during our initial evaluation, we will provide a quote that includes the estimated time and costs to complete the necessary research requirements.  We will not proceed without authorization or require compensation until the research is successfully completed.

When working directly for attorneys or legal fiduciaries, our fee arrangements may vary depending upon what is required. Our fees are structured to meet the specific needs of each case which may be paid by the estate, from the share of missing heirs, or in other alternative ways.  We do not recommend hourly fees whether research is successful or not; hourly fees typically prolong the research process and provide no real incentive to complete the assignment quickly and efficiently. Some competitors charge an hourly fee which often results in billable hours exceeding the costs of a standard contingency fee.

We will obtain and prepare documentation to be submitted to the court, including certified records, genealogical charts, declarations or other items necessary to establish heirship.  We certify all heirs-at-law are identified so a correct heirship order can be determined.

We offer fully customized heir location and estate research investigation services to meet our client’s requirements and targeted objectives, delivering clear, measurable results in a timely and efficient manner. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you back about working with American Research Bureau.

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