American Research Bureau’s roots date back to 1935, in the city of Los Angeles, when founder Vincent H. Telling began researching unclaimed estates and connecting heirs with their lawful inheritances. ARB slowly expanded to assist government agencies, the courts, legal professionals, trustees, administrators and executors to document and locate legal heirs. After successfully running the company for over 50 years, Vince Telling retired in 1986 and sold the company to one of his leading researchers, Mary E. Schwartz.

Mary’s passion for genealogy was sparked as a young woman, and she has been ‘hooked’ on family history and historical documents ever since. In order to meet the growing needs of a broader worldwide audience, Mary relocated ARB’s research center in 1991 from Los Angeles, California, to Salt Lake City, Utah — the genealogy capital of the world. Mary also guided the development of an unrivaled physical library while pioneering proprietary digital research tools that allowed ARB to complete the most complex of research cases. Under Mary’s leadership, ARB became the trusted leader in international probate research in the United States.

ARB continues to operate satellite offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and Fort Lauderdale. Todd C. Hamblin now leads the company as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Todd has brought an increased emphasis on the client experience and has expanded the services ARB provides as they continue to develop and grow.

ARB’s current research team has over 200 years of combined genealogical and probate research, and has successfully connected tens of thousands of heirs with their lawful inheritance. We invite you to put ARB’s expertise to work. Call us today.


Through our best-in-class research and unmatched success rates, we transparently connect people with their lawful inheritances, re-establish long-forgotten relationships, and bring hope and well-deserved peace of mind to those who need it most. The quality of personalized support we provide you comes from decades of experience in the industry. We strive to do our very best, every time, to ensure your best interest is always at the forefront, to stand behind our word and to give you our all. We don’t get paid until you do, therefore we are highly invested in establishing and securing your lawful inheritance as quickly as possible.

Our Resources

Our vast collection of public and proprietary records is considered one of the largest and oldest private records collections in the United States. Our research center in Salt Lake City is conveniently located near the LDS Family History Library, allowing us immediate access to the world’s largest repository of genealogical records and hard-to-find data. In addition, we have forged relationships with an extensive worldwide network of correspondents, genealogists, researchers and investigators who assist us with foreign research and obtaining vital records.

The combination of our access to the best data in the world, skillful research techniques, knowledge of estate law and classic investigative methods enables us to build a valid case for each deserving heir.

We continuously monitor the availability of new resources to assist us in our research and are constantly growing our collection. Please contact us if you have any resources you believe we may be interested in.


ARB is proud to support organizations that make a difference in our communities. ARB team members lead and serve on various philanthropic boards and donate significant time and effort to youth, civic, and religious groups.  Engaging to make our communities a better place to live is one of ARB’s core values.