Our Successes

Bonnie K., Florida

“Before becoming involved with American Research Bureau several colleagues spoke of their credibility. This made entering into a relationship an easier choice. Each encounter with this organization was positive. They remained professional at all times and respected the sensitivity of the issues at hand. The most rewarding result of our encounter was the ability to explore and answer some family history that had been a mystery! Thank you to American Research Bureau for making this possible!”

Denise C., Georgia

“When I was first contacted by American Research Bureau (ARB) to let me know I could be a possible heir to an estate, it caught me as a complete surprise! ARB provided me with information I never knew about and the more I spoke to ARB, the more comfortable I felt. After receiving and reading all the information that arrived in the packet from ARB, I was certain they could represent me. During the process, I contacted ARB if I didn’t understand something or had a question. Not only did ARB help me any time I called or wrote them an email, but I felt confident with their answer and they made me feel they knew exactly what was happening and when it would happen. I highly recommend the services of ARB and the attorney who represented me during the entire process! Trust me, you won’t regret it!”

Lisa D., Nevada

“I just wanted to take time to tell you how grateful I am that I did not dismiss your initial contact with me. My first instinct was to assume this is a scam.  I searched the Internet, to no avail, looking for information regarding the estate you spoke of in your initial letter. I was feeling very skeptical, but after several calls to your company I decided to put my trust in your company.  Your company found money for me that I would have never seen. You never asked me for a bank account number or credit card information. Again, I am truly grateful I did not pass up the opportunity to receive monies that I would have in fact never known about.  I also want to thank you for the detailed information on my family history which is priceless. I would highly recommend American Research Bureau!”

Mark S., Missouri

“As an individual who has been in business for more than thirty years, I would like to sincerely tell you that never have I had the service provided to me in a more competent and professional manner. From the very beginning you have handled every aspect of our family business with the highest degree of skill together with your kind and considerate personality. From assets that had to be discovered all over the United States, to a myriad of claimants to the estate all over the world, to serious time-sensitive tax consequences, appraisals, adversary relatives, court hearings, and the like, a lay-person could never have handled these matters without the most experienced of help – and you did all this and much more without our having to advance one penny for your services. The money received has been placed in trust accounts for our two daughters college education.”

Janina S., Indiana

“Thank you for the completion of a long investigation to determine that my deceased husband was an heir to an unknown family member’s estate.  The outcome was successful because of the perseverance of American Research Bureau.”

Andrea L., Maryland

“Although I was extremely skeptical when American Research Bureau knocked on my door (literally), they were very professional to deal with and did exactly what they said they would. They worked over a period of years to help my sister and me obtain an unexpected inheritance from a relative we never knew existed. Not only did we receive the inheritance (for even more money than they initially thought), but we also got an opportunity to learn about our relative whom we never knew. I wholeheartedly recommend American Research Bureau.”