Our Successes

Rose Marie P., Ohio

“I wanted to take a moment to recognize American Research Bureau in the wake of the death of my Father. I can’t stress enough just how professional the entire firm has been. I have never worked with such dedication on a personal level. I want to personally extend my gratitude, appreciation, and love for everything you accomplished. Probate cases are difficult for the grieving family. I also felt the support and personal understanding as someone who was and is still in the grieving process. The experience working with you has been excellent and an absolute pleasure to have worked with.”

Kenneth Owen

Constance R., Iowa

“This has been quite a journey. You found a couple of my relatives that I have been unable to find. Thank you for all of your work. At first I thought this might be a scam, but when you did not ask for any money, I knew I didn’t have to worry.”

Steven R. Scow, Esq., Nevada

“I am very impressed by the work of ARB in finding the four beneficiaries of the estate. The administrator’s report explains that two other researcher firms were hired and did not find heirs. Were it not for the expert research abilities of ARB and their determination to find the rightful heirs, this substantial inheritance would have passed to the state of Nevada on the basis that “no heirs could be found.”

Deborah G., California

“Thank you for finding me. My first response was this must be some sort of scam or it can’t be real. However, as the process proceeded it became evident that this in fact was legitimate. My family and I were first of all amazed that all these years we had a relative in California we had no idea about, and second, through your research we received a copy of the family chart which is a gift in itself. I am so grateful the funds I’ve received have helped me with some financial issues. The timing could not have been better.”

Rita T., New York

“Thank you for your persistence in finding us. It was a most opportune time to receive this money as we are seniors and won’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck. This experience from beginning to end has been surreal. Years ago there was a television program called Millionaire. In the show an anonymous donor would give away one million dollars. Although this is very different and not a million dollars, it came to mind because the money comes from my mother’s half-brother who we never knew. My mother’s father deserted my mother and grandmother when my mother was an infant. he never contributed any money to care for my mother so we know that my mother would be very happy knowing that her father, though his son, has contributed to our security. Thanks again to your entire team.”