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If we contacted you, you may be entitled to an inheritance. Please call 1-800-628-7221.
Your Inheritance Connection

American Research Bureau has served clients for more than 75+ years in the field of genealogical research, heirship determination, and the location of missing and unknown heirs.  If we have contacted you, it is because as a result of our research, we firmly believe you are legally entitled to money from an estate.  Let us put our experience to work for you and your family.  Our network of industry experts are qualified to handle any aspect of genealogical research, heirship determination, documentation, court testimony, and evaluation.  We also provide free case evaluations for trust and estate practitioners, administrators, and personal representatives.

"My mother thanks you from the bottom of her heart. You don't really understand the full impact of what these funds has meant to her and her family. Thank God and your firm for the marvelous work you have done!"
- Cheri James-Brown