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If we contacted you, you may be entitled to an inheritance. Please call 1-800-628-7221.
Locating Missing Heirs Since 1935

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American Research Bureau (ARB) has been known as one of the premier probate research firms for over 80 years.  When we contact someone, we believe they may be legally entitled to an unclaimed estate we have identified. Throughout our history, we have served our clients by delivering consistently high-quality services.

We specialize in identifying, locating, and tracing missing or unknown heirs and beneficiaries. Our team of forensic genealogists and probate researchers have extensive knowledge of intestate succession laws and specialized genealogical and investigative techniques in locating missing heirs or finding unknown heirs. We prevent fraudulent inheritance claims by connecting legitimate heirs to unclaimed estates.

We stand behind our heir location services with a 100% risk-free guarantee.  If your claim isn’t successful you pay nothing. Our fees are paid only on a successful outcome when the estate distributes. If there is no recovery, there is no financial obligation.

We provide complimentary heir search assessments and assist estate attorneys and estate administrators to ensure all potential claimants are identified and located.

"Without you we would have never known about our inheritance. I definitely appreciate the efforts you made ensuring we were qualified with the probate court. It was beginning to end service."
- Ed Rudd