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If we contacted you, you may be entitled to an inheritance. Please call 1-800-628-7221.
Over 80 years of experience identifying and locating missing heirs and beneficiaries to unclaimed estates.

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American Research Bureau (ARB) is one of the oldest and best-known international probate research firms in the United States. We identify and locate missing and unknown heirs to unclaimed estates worldwide. When we contact someone, we believe they may be legally entitled to recover assets from an unclaimed inheritance we have identified.

We specialize in probate research investigation, heir location, kinship determination, and asset recovery. Our team of forensic genealogists, probate researchers and documentation specialists have extensive knowledge of intestate succession laws to locate and document heirs at law who are unaware of their potential inheritance. We prevent fraudulent inheritance claims by connecting the legitimate heirs to unclaimed inheritance assets and proving their right to inherit.

We stand behind our services with a 100% risk-free guarantee.  Our fees are paid only on a successful outcome when the estate distributes. If there is no recovery, you have no financial obligation at all. The services we offer have been tried and tested over the course of the past 80 years! Our experience, starting with the research phase that goes into each case through to the decision making that takes place, gives us the expertise to provide the best possible recovery.

We provide proof of compliance for attorneys, estate administrators and personal representatives that need help locating missing heirs and beneficiaries. We offer complimentary case evaluations and reliable heir location services to identify all potential heirs and ensure every heir is accounted for.

"Without you we would have never known about our inheritance. I definitely appreciate the efforts you made ensuring we were qualified with the probate court. It was beginning to end service."
- Ed Rudd